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Cold Stores Facility

Cold Stores Facility

Cold Stores Facility

GTC Group provides cold storage facilities over an area of 5,000 M2, including state-of-the-art frozen and chilled facilities that have freezing capabilities of down to -30C. We have the expertise to handle all of the specialist requirements of chilled and frozen foods.

Using a sophisticated computerized system, we can accurately monitor stock input and output, stock levels, sell by data, and vehicle scheduling, as well as other key functions.

Our facilities have been designed to the most modern specifications and built using the latest materials, methods of construction and equipment available, and receive regular maintenance.

We have 24-hour onsite engineers who guarantee accurate and continuous temperature monitoring essential for the safe storage of foodstuff. All of our containers are vacuum sealed, making your goods fully protected from natural risks, including poor weather conditions and pests.

NB: We provide the highest levels of security top guarantee that your goods are protected. We offer full insurance for all goods stored in our facilities, and have an advanced fire alarm system installed on the premises, giving you complete peace of mind.

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