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Bonded Area

Bonded Area

Bonded Area

GTC Group is the major provider of  warehousing solutions to business enterprises in Jordan including prime brands in FMCG and food stuff companies (Nestle, Spinney's, Interbrands, Transmed), electronics companies (Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, Hitachi, Frigidaire), automotive dealers (BMW, Range Rover), and other companies.

GTC Group provides facilities for bonded warehousing situated on an area of 75,000M2, including open and covered spaces. 40,000M2 is allocated to our open storage area for non-perishable goods and products.

We use state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees swift, hassle-free loading and offloading of goods. Our complex has been specifically designed to allow for easy entrance and exit of our storage facilities, which can hold any kind of goods regardless of weight and size.

To ensure your stored goods are always fully protected, we provide internal and external CCTV surveillance, which is reinforced with 24/7 manned security. Additionally, our storage containers are vacuum sealed; therefore, your goods will not be damaged due to natural risks, such as poor weather conditions or pests.


NB: We provide the highest levels of security top guarantee that your goods are protected. We offer full insurance for all goods stored in our facilities, and have an advanced fire alarm system installed on the premises, giving you complete peace of mind.

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